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Your Guide to Driveway Gate Installation and Maintenance

Driveway gates

Driveway gates are installed in Silverdale, WA, properties for various reasons. Whether your primary concern for installation is aesthetics, security and safety, privacy or architectural design, you should consider various points when choosing a driveway gate.


Your preferences in design, driveway gate types in Poulsbo, WA, process, and even the tiny accessories you want can all influence the final plan. To help make your decision easier, this blog post provides an overview of the best options to help you choose the right material and setup for your residential or commercial property that’s safe, effective, and easy to maintain.


Benefits of Driveway Gates

  • Security

The most obvious advantage of installing a driveway gate in Poulsbo, WA, is that you get to control who enters your property, boosting your protection. For the best results, you can integrate your driveway gate with a good-quality fence from a reputed provider like Puget Fence that surrounds the rest of your property. Many driveway gates in Silverdale, WA, include security features like intercoms, coded keypads, and locks that function automatically. 


  • Increased Property Value

Installing a driveway gate in Silverdale, WA, increases the property value. A driveway gate in Poulsbo, WA, is a highly prized feature among both residential and commercial property owners. With this addition, your residential value may rise, which can be a significant advantage if you plan on selling your property someday.


  • Safety

Your Poulsbo, WA, driveway gate not only deters intruders from entering your place but also prevents those on your property from leaving! This is especially important for little children and pets who can otherwise wander off the property. 


  • Convenience

Most of today’s driveway gates in Silverdale, WA, are automatic, which is quite convenient. You can simply use a keypad to unlock and open the gate. With these convenient features, you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your property to open the gate in the rain. Instead, your automatic driveway gate in Poulsbo, WA, will open at the push of a button.


  • Curb Appeal

Driveway gates in Silverdale, WA, are beautiful. Expert contractors at Puget Fence make them out of a wide range of secure materials that are sure to match the style of your property. They enhance the curb appeal of your property, creating a solid impression from the entrance.


  • Privacy

Do you ever tire of neighbours or strangers peering up your driveway and into your home? Depending on the style of your driveway gate in Poulsbo, WA, you can close off visual access to your property. 


Types of Driveway Gates

  • Sliding Gate

As the name implies, sliding driveway gates in Silverdale, WA, are designed to slide open and close along a track. 

Top driveway gating contractors in Poulsbo, WA, reveal that sliding gates are the ideal choice for passageways or properties that don’t have much space for a swinging or folding gate. This driveway gate slides into a pocket or alongside the nearby fencing rather than swinging open like traditional doors. 



  1. They don’t take up too much space and are pretty easy to install.
  2. Sliding gates are lightweight and simple to operate
  3. Another plus point is that they are extremely large and harder to break into.



  1. Sliding gates require routine track maintenance, like cleaning dust, debris, and lubrication.
  2. They could need enough room on the side for the fence when it slides.


  • Swinging Gate

Top fencing contractors in Poulsbo, WA, reveal that swinging gates are traditional driveway gates that swing open and close on hinges. They offer a luxurious look and feel for property owners who want to make a grand entrance to their homes.

Before installing a swing driveway gate in Silverdale, WA, ask your contractor to ensure enough space between your driveway or cars and where the gate opens. 


If the gate is extremely near a pedestrian driveway, a swing gate is likely not the best option for you, and adjustments need to be made.



  1. They’re unique, elegant, and offer a high-end look.
  2. They’re not loud like traditional doors and are easy to operate.
  3. Swinging driveway gates require minimal maintenance after installation.



  1. They require a larger driveway space for double doors.
  2. Some homeowners find them more expensive than traditional options.


  • Barrier Arm Gate

Top fencing contractors in Silverdale, WA, reveal that barrier driveway gates add security to residential, commercial, and industrial parking areas. They’re installed at the access points of roads and garages to secure traffic on both entrance and exit. Most barrier gate arms include sensors and other access control devices like card readers, vehicle sensors, and radio receivers.

They protect your kids and pets from getting out of the property.



  1. They’re strong, durable, and enhance security
  2. They’re adaptable and extremely easy to maintain.
  3. Barrier arm gates are the best choice for commercial businesses that need to control traffic flow and access.



  1. Some individuals find them to be a bit expensive.
  2. They cut down on human employment.


Choosing the Right Gate for Your Property

When you’re prepared to install a driveway gate on your property in Silverdale, WA, there are a few things you need to take into consideration, including,


  • The size of your Poulsbo driveway
  • The style of the gate
  • The type of material you want
  • Whether or not you want an automated system


Considering these factors, you’ll be able to select the perfect driveway gate for your home in Poulsbo, WA.


Final Takeaway

Installing a driveway gate in Silverdale, WA, shouldn’t be treated as a DIY expansion to your home. It’s best left to an experienced company like Puget Fence Inc., which can manage all the skills needed to complete a successful gateway installation in Poulsbo, WA. 


With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on utilizing only the best materials and designs. Our service greatly reduces any chances of hardware failure or improper installation, which can lead to uneven wear and costly driveway gate repairs.

Schedule an appointment with our team today.

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Amber Hanson
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Debbie M.
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Daniel Quick
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Sydelle Denman
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