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How Construction Fencing Can Save You Time and Money on Your Project


Construction contractors near Silverdale, Poulsbo, and surrounding Washington locations reveal that they’ve faced an increase in the rate at which building equipment and materials are stolen. Equipment and materials are left out and exposed to opportunistic criminals. 


Used to curb theft and help keep pedestrians away from all of the dangers on site and to keep the area in question safe and secure, installing privacy fencing from a credible company can provide many benefits. More than that, construction fencing provides tangible cost and time-saving benefits for various construction plans. 


In this blog post, let’s look at how fencing can help save time and money and enhance the efficiency of construction projects.


Why is it important to put a fence around a construction site?

For regulation compliance

The law requires that all the construction sites in Washington are properly fenced to protect the general public from noise pollution and possible injuries that could be sustained at the concerned sites. Failing to fence your construction site correctly amounts to neglect, which is a crime and could have dire financial implications. Therefore, contractors in Silverdale, Poulsbo, and surrounding Washington areas are required to fence their sites properly for legal compliance.


Accident prevention

Most people are unaware of the risks and dangers posed to them by unfinished construction sites. The sites present the threat of sharp and falling objects, the risk of getting impaled by equipment, and the danger of falling into pits. Top privacy fencing companies in Silverdale, WA, state that properly fencing your construction site will protect members of the public from harm if they wander unknowingly to your site.


Create a better working environment.

Without a proper fence around the construction site, workers could be distracted by bystanders curious about the ongoing progress of the construction. It’s common for nearby onlookers to be amazed by the operation of machinery, causing them to stop and stare. Having workers constantly worry about the safety of spectators slows them down and makes them less productive.


Preventing malicious intent toward the site

In some instances, some individuals may have negative feelings towards construction work for several reasons. For example, it could be an enemy of the property owner seeking to slow the progress or just teenagers vandalize the property. 


Top fencing contractors in Poulsbo, WA, reveal that whatever the case may be, a security fence, like an electric fence around the border, will discourage such individuals and stop them from damaging the construction site, material, and equipment.


How can I save time and money on my fence?

Understand Your Budget

The first thing you need to do when installing a new fence is to set a budget and timeline. Decide how much money you are willing to shell out, and yes, when you speak to the contractor, give them an idea of what you were hoping to spend and the timeframe you have in mind. This is the fastest way to find a fencing solution that will suit your budget and schedule.


Speak to an Expert

Leading privacy fencing contractors in Poulsbo, WA, reveal that while most people think fences are simple, the truth is, it’s one of the more complicated things one can install. There are so many fences, different ways to install them, and so many factors that can affect your pricing and the set timeline that it’s always best to speak to a professional like Puget Fence. Sometimes, small details like changing the layout can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!


Do As Much Preparation As You Can

Putting fences up is difficult, but taking them down is usually not that hard. While top fencing contractors in Silverdale, WA, suggest you leave things like pulling posts and cores out of the ground to the experts, if you can take down the bulk of the fence and dispose of it yourself, you can save on bin fees, labor, dumping costs, and so on. 


Likewise, if you remove any obstructions along the fence line, cut back vegetation, and make the site as easy as possible to access, you will minimize labor costs and potential schedule disruptions.


Adjust Your Fence Line

Fencing is a strange commodity: the longer and straighter it is, the cheaper it becomes per linear foot. A straight, long fence on level ground will be much cheaper and less time-consuming than a fence with lots of ends, corners, changes in direction, and elevation changes.


Leading privacy fencing companies in Poulsbo, WA, reveal that while you can’t control how your construction site looks, you can adjust your fence line to take the “path of least resistance” and save time and money that way. If you’re not sure what the best route for your fence line is, experts at Puget Fence can help with that, too.


Install In Phases

If you don’t have enough financing to install a fence along your entire boundary, automate a cantilever gate, add fence top security, or something else, start the process with those things in mind. If the experts at Puget Fence understand from the start what your long-term plans are, we can take steps from the very first day to make those future plans easier to implement.


Final Takeaway

At Puget Fence Inc., we understand that fencing is crucial in enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal, security, and privacy. That is why we are committed to delivering top-notch fencing solutions that meet your functional requirements and add value to your property.


With over two decades of experience and expertise in the fencing industry, our team of professionals has the required skills and knowledge to handle any fencing project near Poulsbo, Silverdale, WA, big or small. We pride ourselves on using only the best quality materials and employing the latest fencing techniques to ensure our clients and customers receive the highest quality products and services.

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Kimberly Debar
Kimberly Debar
20:36 02 Apr 24
Puget Fence was recommended by the in-laws and we couldn’t be happier with the final product! The guys were great; asking how much of a gap we wanted from the ground to protect from rot and gave us best options for the incline in our backyard. 10/10 recommend!
Janet Kidd
Janet Kidd
21:30 19 Mar 24
Tadd and his crew did an excellent job constructing our deer fence in Olalla. I especially appreciated they came when they said they would! The area is on a slope in pretty much all directions, but they took it in stride. Tadd even gave me some suggestions on fixing problems with a greenhouse... under construction. I highly recommend Puget Fence for all your fencing needs.read more
Amber Hanson
Amber Hanson
19:05 21 Feb 24
My neighbors used Puget Fence and when I saw the great work they did I called and got a quote. The workers were efficient and communicated with me every step of the way. I had them replace some wood fencing and it was beautiful. I wished I had them replace all the fencing. I had them also add... black chain link fencing to part of my yard. I can’t say enough how much I love my fence. Definitely recommend!read more
Debbie M.
Debbie M.
15:26 12 Dec 23
From estimate to completion, Puget Fence was professional and prompt and did great work for us. The job took two days and the crews arrived on time and...
Robin Pearson
Robin Pearson
01:44 08 Dec 23
I just had a fence installed through Puget Fence, and I could not be more satisfied! Tad’s crew showed up on time and consulted me at every step of the way, They were extremely professional, efficient, and paid a lot of attention to detail. I just moved back to Washington and have dealt with a ton... of contractors. This was the best experience I’ve had since moving home. Highly recommend!!read more

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